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In today’s challenging and changing business environment, Procurement and Supply Professionals have been identified as key to maintaining an organisation’s sustainability.
Grads IT has a global team of highly skilled procurement specialist, with hands-on experience at leading enterprises worldwide.

Strategic Sourcing

Value Driven Procurement

Contract Negotiations & Management

Stakeholder Engagement

We Deliver superior customer experience in value

Improving Value for Money

We will further differentiate our propositions, to retain and expand value. We’ll do this by creating innovative new propositions, improving value for money, offering better service, and making it easier to do business with us.

We’ve made progress with customer experience in recent years, but there’s much more to do.

Transform Your
Operating model

We’re creating a more lean and agile organisation, with a simplified operating model, and more straightforward decision-making.

The steps we’re taking to achieve this include

  • Accelerating the delivery of Digital GS, introducing new digital products with a greater focus on our top global customers
  • Move from buying to strategic sourcing, consolidating spend and standardising our products
  • Make better use of digitalisation to improve customer-experience and reduce costs to serve.
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