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The world is talking about sustainable changes in electric mobility and accessible infrastructure.
GradsIT – here to provide customer-oriented solutions and consulting services for automotive OEMs, fleet operators, charge point operators, real estate contractors and enabling Electric Vehicle users to find, use and pay for largest public charging network.

White label solution

End-to-end white label solutions enabling OEM and their EV drivers to provide fully integrated smooth e-mobility experience.

Managing charging contract, integration into the OEM app or head unit, static and dynamic charge point information with multiple authentication methods like RFID, App auth, Plug & Charge for best customer experience.

Roaming Solution

Cross-border and national charging with one contract from access to payment across multiple charge point operators and platforms.


Transparent monthly invoice management for all public charging transactions based on the selected tariff.

Tariffs can differ per market and may include time-based fees, energy-based fees or flat rates.

Innovative Features

Continuous development offering unique charging features such as reservation, route planner, availability forecast, dynamic load management, parking sensor and many more.
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