About Us


About Us

Grads IT is an innovator in Big Data, Cloud, Security, IoT and professional services

We work in the space of Digital learning experience as stalwart of Technical trainings and impacting best outcomes by influencing  human behavior limitations and constraints. Our Digital academy is imprinting Career journey’s of various students to promising jobs and entrepreneurial stints. We are unique and transformation in space with simulated code lab, Live projects, Industry exposure to enable differentiated learning experience (We should write here the number of hours of training programs, our placement partner number and number of students trained so far)

We have footprint in  amelioration of Electrical mobility by enabling last mile connectivity for users. We operate in consulting  fraternity to partner in best technology solutions for customized needs. We Ideate , Design and Co-create solutions to best fit YOUR needs

Grads IT Academy

We have conducted a study to assess the real issues on the ground  to see the rift between students graduating Vs Employability Vs Open Positions in industry. This propelled us for covering all the gaps in our “Ways of Impacting your Career in Grads IT. Our assessment highlighted some of the root cause of performance and career fiasco. Sharing few with you

  • Few Practical Problem Solving
  • Lack of Software Development & OS fundamentals
  • Lack of Right Career Consulling
  • Project done are Pre-built
  • Lack of depth on one technology
  • Group Projects and not individual effort
  • Distracted by too many options and lack initiative


  • Databases
  • Teamwork
  • Commenting Code


  • Oral Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Customer
  • Passion for Teach and Job


  • Ability to write Good Code
  • Project Experience
  • Configuration Management /DevOps tools/OS
  • Job Expectation Mismatch
  • Testing
  • Written Communication
  • Ability to see Big Picture

Our Academy Highlights

Programs leading to placement
Live Projects with best of industry and supervision par excellence
Access to exclusive content and self paced video in course curriculum
Live interactive sessions with industrial experts and career advisory
Certified course and internship completion. Offered by Grads IT
Mentor session with industrial experts and corporate stalwarts
Branch vide segregation of courses
Anywhere, Anytime and All time access. Our courses are online
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