Location: Work From Home

Creative Content Writer Intern

  Job title: Creative Content Writer (Intern) Skills: Adaptability, Strong Research Skills, A Solid understanding of SEO, Ability to meet deadlines with a focused approach, Editing, editing, and more editing. Job role : Conducting research before and during the writing process. Thorough fact-checks before submitting any work. Ensuring the logical flow of all content produced….

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Business Development Intern

  Job title: Business Development Intern. Skills: Prospecting, Teamwork, Planning, Build a relationship, People skills, Initiative, Customer Focus, Emphasize excellence, Ability to multiple, Attention to detail, good organizational skills. Job role : First level candidate’s skills screening (technical & professional), understand their current challenges and career expectations. Exposure to Grads IT Academy programs, benefits, uniqueness,…

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Social Media Account Manager Intern

  Job title: Social Media Account Manager. Account: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Telegram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and many more. Skills: Strong visual aesthetic, community management, trend awareness, Solid knowledge of SEO, Tactics & execution, Optimizing content & technology, excellent written, verbal & professional skills, content management, excellent copywriting skills. Job role : -Perform research…

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